Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's Happening.

We are selling our home.
And yes, my belly hurts.
This home was my grandparents house for 45 years.  And ours, for the last decade.  It has been filled with so much love, laughter and joy.  With only two owners, each couple shared respect and tru happiness, within these walls. And so many beautiful, little smiles within the bright green grass and under the mystical trees, on this little corner. 

More than anything, I am heartbroken over leaving my favorite Catalpa trees.  The week they flower, creating a canopy of sweet smelling beauty, is my favorite week of each year.  I can not begin to imagine how many bowls of Catalpa bean soup have been prepared by little hands.

For thirty years, generations have watched the Harvest Days parade, which passes along both sides of our corner.  (Hopefully, the new owners may like us enough to let us squat?!)

 Our beautiful, bright yellow 'Cute up Your Corner'.  The perfect Easter back drop.

And for 8 years, all three children have snapped their 'First Day of School' picture in the same spot.  So many happy smiles.

So why would we possibly leave??
We have three very busy children, with three baseball teams and three full event calenders.  We have one nearly teenage son, busting at the seems of his clothes, shoes and bedroom (who could use more space from his sassy little sisters). We hope to both simplify our life, while gaining more space for our growing Five Family.
I pray we find buyers, who will continue to fill this house with love.  With compassion.  With new happy memories.  This home was my safe place.  My warm nest.  And now it is simply time for this family to relocate to another beautiful tree.


Anonymous said...

Man, I don't want you to leave now... Worhol

The Brides Father said...

I hope the problem is not with the neighbors who constantly gaze out the windows watching your children so they are not playing in the street. Or running after your dog who has gotten out of the yard. Or bringing Grandchildren over to play on swing set, without asking if it okay. Gee, wonder why you are moving?

Munchkin said...

I hope you're there for awhile longer so the Bride's Father keeps commenting on the blog

Tru Stories said...

No way Bride's Father!!! You know it is killing me to leave you and Street Sweeper (and wives). I wanted to stay sooo much, I really wanted to move to the house across the street! (I'm still bummed...)

Tru Stories said...

As soon as I posted the 'Official Post' and Shared it to Facebook... my arms went numb.

Anonymous said...

Because you realized how beautiful your home is?

The Brides Father said...

Seriously you have been awesome neighbors, hate to see you leave. Nice to see your kids out playing in the yard, coach running out to truck for no particular reason, working on wood projects in garage. We will miss you.

Tru Stories said...

The Bride's Father:
You are making me laugh and also making me a little sad.
There's still time to back out of the sale across the street..

Unknown said...

Wow, it must really feel bittersweet for you to leave. But it's all for the better, as growing kids need more space to work and play. Baseball is also a job that makes for a lot of travelling, making it hard for a family to stay grounded. But it looks like your kids are able and cute salespeople on your other posts, so I'd find it hard for a potential buyer to say no.
Casandra Roberts @ GatewaySelect.com