Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Love...

Happy Birthday
to my love, my friend, my wife and my partner.
It feel like it was just yesterday when it was only the "O3" watching movies all the time and wasting away our Mondays.  Now, things are a little different.  With a family of five, those lazy days are far and few between.  The Kid is in everything, from Scholastic bowl to sports, he is smart, athletic, handsome, and working on being a little funnier.  Tink is growing like crazy, maybe not physically, but mentally.  She is getting lots of friends, taking up piano, and is excited to start basketball and softball, and she is funny.  Then there is Coco, the real handful, full of energy, smart, bright and very spunky.

What I want to say is, I am amazed by watching you with our children.  They brighten up when you are around them.  You celebrate their individuality (I think that's a word).  They love to talk to you as much as you do to them.  Even though they have such different personalities, you love each of them even more for that.

For your birthday, I wish for you: love, a love that matches the love you give.  Friendship, friendship that matches the friendship you give.  Health, the good health you deserve.  Happiness, happiness that can only be had by surrounding yourself with the all the friends and family, that love you as much as you love them.

I also want to thank you for creating this wonderfull life for our family to share.
Happy Birthday!                                                                                              


Munchkin said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! May this year be your best one yet.
Very nice post Coach.

Anonymous said...

Well done Coach. Happy Birthday. sorry about the numbers though....Worhol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,TS. Hope it was a good one. Awesome blogger you are married to. Love, Gramma G

Anonymous said...

Great birthday post! Happy Birthday and have a great year Tru Stories! Keep up the fun posts.
- Cathy

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday, Tru Stories! Well written as always, Coach.