Friday, January 24, 2014

Big Jumbo Joe.

(He's so pretty!)

I have officially been around long enough, to watch a Nephew grow from a little grade school boy to a grown man.  Crazy!  I've loved him through all his cute little boy phases:
Tiny Faced Glasses Joe.
Weird Long Haired Redbird Rowdies Tshirt Joe.
New Jeans Every 2 Months from Growth Spurt Joe. 
State Track Tshirt Joe.
Touchdown Joe aka Homecoming Parade Joe.
Getting Your License and Repeatedly Stalking Past our Home Until we Got Tired of Waving Back Joe.
And now,
Senior Year Grown Man One More TD for the Road Joe.
I have so much faith in you.  Unfortunately, you've inherited more than your pretty face from your mother... you seemed to have gotten her 'crazy mind blowing makin no sense inability to see how special you really are'. On this your 18th Birthday, I wish you only one thing:
To see yourself.  And not the reflection of yourself in others.  You are bigger, better and more capable than you realize.  Look within: find your passion, your joy. Live for yourself!  Love life and JUST HAVE FUN.
Because one day...
you'll turn 37 and you'll be all like, "What the BLEEP just happened??!" And that won't be pretty..
Love ya, Kid.
From your cheering section in the cheap seats.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Joe. You haven't changed. The same cute boy that you ever was. Love and hugs, Gramma G