Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best of 2013: #1-5

The best Big and Small moments of our year.
(In no particular order.)

1. Family Trip to Florida.
My most favorite moments: Searching for sand dollars with The Kid and Quincy, holding the alligators, eating swordfish during a sunset dinner and watching the cousins (and broders) love each other.

2. 2013 was The Year The Kid FINALLY Got It.  After many years of Coach's suffering, his son began to listen to his gentle advice and used what the good Lord gave him and actually tried at athletics.  And by golly... It worked!!

3. Sweetbreads and Warhol married.
The day will forever be known as the day it rained more inches than any where on the planet, ever in the history of ever... except during those 10 beautiful minutes they said their vows.
(It will also secretly be known as the day a few of us ladies began to re-think our fashion choices... Not Sweetbreads... she was beautiful.)

(Great picture)
4. I remembered why I liked Coach.  This year, our children became old enough to wipe their own butts and take care of basic hygiene needs... apparently both are accomplishments which helped two parents slowly climb out of Baby Zone and back into a place where we remembered we were our own people. (I'm not talking about dirty stuff, perverts...)
For example, having more opportunities to chat, laugh and remember why we like each other.  (So there you have it... I like my husband... hopefully this declaration doesn't jinx anything and 2014 is not the year Coach Jacked Up our Good Roll.)

5. Coco's hair grew, her freckles popped and she became Breath.taKing.

But she still screamed during the Annual Shelbyville picture... keeping up her tradition of being Coco difficult.


Coach said...

Best year ever... Vacations, sports, weddings, engagements, and it also sounds like my wife likes me. Thats the best news ever. Holla.

Anonymous said...

Thanks TS you captured my greatest parts of 13 also, accept the private moment Sweetbreads told me she she was having our child.

Anonymous said...

Weird she did not tell you on the blog. Little bit selfish.

Coach said...

I don't see why not, seems like anyone can use this blog as there own personnel announcements. Guest bloggers....Ha