Monday, December 23, 2013


There is a great photographer who takes pictures at local sporting events.  People should always take advantage of his talents because it is such a gift to keep shots like these:
Some of you may have heard, Coach is taking a break from coaching.  He has been coaching as long as the girls have been alive. We decided it would be nice if Coach had the opportunity to simply be a fan.
All of that said, it hasn't stopped Coach from volunteering several hours on The Kid's team and many many hours working with the youth program.  And I fully support his contributions to that program because I believe he is the best example for great sportsmanship.
Honestly though, Coach misses the action in seriously competitive ball.  This weekend, Jake captured one of my new favorite pictures of our Coach.
You'll notice him, dressed in green, sitting alone just behind the team's bench.
I added the following caption:

"Hey guys!!  It's me... Coach!  Hey... I still really love basketball.. I really do.. I'll be back soon, my dumb wife and kids can't keep me down for good... Guys!!  Boys!! It's me.. up here!  Do you see me?? Guys, do you want me to jump in the huddle??  Do you need me to give a solid high-five or butt smack??  Maybe I could play for a couple minutes??  I have a pair of gym shorts hidden under my jeans!  Guys... can you hear me??  I'm up here.. It's me, Coach..."

I'm almost positive those are his thoughts verbatim, directly from inside his head.

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Anonymous said...

Coach has to be a good sport. He puts up with blogs full of abuse.
As soon as I saw the picture on Jake's page, I knew it was Coach. Makes me smile!