Sunday, August 23, 2009

to blog or not to blog...

My carbonhill inspiration has pushed, prodded and encouraged me for months to create my own blog. I have hesitated for some time because I wonder how anyone could be interested in checking out my boring life on a near daily basis. Not to mention countless other worries and trepidations. The list of why I shouldn't have a blog reads as follows:

1. I rarely leave the house, outside blog followers may view me as a shut-in, which may embarrass my family.

2. I'm not sure I am even friendly enough to make real life friends..who would possibly read this?

3. The nick name dilemma. While my children have been nicknamed since birth or before...coming up with clever nicknames for the 200 other people I am related to (thanks to my husband) would really become a job. A dilemma my carbonhill inspiration can relate too after I demanded my very own nickname from her.

4. As my brother-in-law often reminds me, I spell as well as a second grader. And that may be inflating my ability a little.

5. My husband gets enough face time on The Paper- do I really need to give him internet time as well?

6. My 2 brother in laws get enough face time in The Paper.

7. Lately, my mother also gets enough face time...etc.

8. How many times will I be able to blog about how my son is sure we are the worst parents in the world?

9. This could start an online blog war like the world has never seen. What will Carbonhill and I do after attending the same events? Who gets first dibs after the 1955 Sweet heart dance on posting pictures to embarrass Munchkin? What if her photo of Gigi's first pitch at the softball game is cuter than mine? What if I steal some of her blog traffic or vice versa? If I call her to ask how to post pictures will she give me fake advice to prevent my quips from beating hers to the internet wasteland? It seems that the family was big enough for at least 2 blogs....let's see how it handles the third.

10. All of the above and 1000 other reasons. I admit my belly hurt a little when I pushed the 'And create your blog' tab.

All of those reasons have been trumped thanks to the following:

1. My family and extended family are pretty dang funny. Or at least they are sure they are and so far I agree. Now that the entire world can keep updated on their hilarities, we'll find out if they are really half as funny as we seem to think.

But the real reason, the cause for why I am typing this very minute, the subject which pushed me over the edge, nudged me towards this computer was simply... Our Tink. Now, all of our children are crazy cute. The kind of cute that should be illegal. They each are funny, smart and amazing. But that girl, that Tink is one of a kind.

So here we go. The cast of characters to follow.


The Mrs. said...

YES! This is indeed a happy day.

Munchkin said...

I think we all know there are PLENTY of embarrassing pictures of me to go around....

plus, all of my "blog regulars" are patent pending...

j/k use at will

Anonymous said...

Seeing my grandkids and hearing about the cute stuff they do is not enough. I also enjoy reading about them. They are wonderful subject matters.