Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Oh my Lord"

"Oh my Lord" my father exclaimed as my mom yelled to him that The Kid had just fallen off his bike and we were racing him to get stitches. (That is a direct quote and in no way altered to be funny. Mind you, I had never heard him blurt a religious reference in a time of crisis unless it was Holy Sxxx!).
Tuesday night, while preparing for our two day mini vacation to Chicago, The Kid was out riding his bike with friends and wiped out in a tiny crash. He came chin down on the alley and cut a sizable chunk. Thankfully, we had several friends and family over and were able to rush him to our family doctor who was VERY kind enough to open his practice at 8:00pm while still in his bare feet. (Thanks Doctor!) 6 stitches later we returned home to pack.
My parents nerves have calmed. Though, they have once again proved to me that their love for their grandchildren may possibly run a little deeper than the love for their own children.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be ridiculous Grandchildren's Mom. Of course, we don't love those beautiful, gifted children more than our own "sigh" average children.