Friday, August 2, 2013

Husband and Wife. Honesty.

Coach has this habit of wearing Tshirts around the house (or to play sports) where he has cut the sleeves completely off the shirt... but not just that, he also cuts down the sides a bit.  It's totally WT.  I've hated these shirts, since Day One.
I am constantly begging him to toss out the trend.  I've even secretly recycled many, behind his back.  (not nearly as offensive as when I had secretly deleted some of his Always Sunny episodes off the DVR because I think the show makes people ignorant!)
The other night, I revisited my protest.  Begging him to stop wearing the shirts.  I even decided to take a more equal approach and negotiate a truce.  Find a middle ground...etc.

Me: PLEASE stop wearing those shirts.

Coach (ignores me)

Me: How about this... there has to be some item of my clothing, that you hate.  Something you don't think I look good in... something you wish could be taken out of my wardrobe permanently.  Let's make a deal... you get ride of the shirts and I will toss any item of my clothing that you don't like...  So what do you item do you want me to get rid of??

Coach (without hesitation, without a second of delay, completely and totally dead serious, he responds): Your panties.

Well played, Coach.
Needless to say, the entire deal has been shelved.  The Tshirts remain... That man has proven himself to be a more impressive adversary and I had imagined.
Apologies for the Rated PG13 post.


Anonymous said...

Did not see that coming.

Anonymous said...

Tears, tears in my eyes.....worhol

I used to be a Hooker said...

He's a formidable opponent, for sure.
This reminds me so much of my own husband. He, too, loves a good gun show and a quick-witted comeback.
You know we'll never win, right?

Tru Stories said...

While I seriously debated the rating on this post... I somehow knew the reaction of Warhol and The General would make it all worth it.
Plus the blog public across the world, should really know what it's like to live with Coach's quick wit on a daily basis.

The Mrs. said...

This post makes me uncomfortable, yet unlike Grammy I TOTALLY knew where it was headed when the challenge was issued. I read the last half of this post like one would watch a car wreck unfold.