Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Hey Coco...

.. go throw some shoes on and we'll take a quick walk around the block.."

Coco: "Ok. I'm ready..."
And that, is what we live with all day.
Every Day.
She. Is. Exhausting.
Aunt Jackie, spent this morning with Coco.  She texted me this exchange between her and her niece:
Jackie: Lil Gipper, don't color on the table.
Coco: I color on my table at home but I won't color on your table because I don't want you to be mad at me.
Jackie: Do you want your mom to be mad at home...?
Coco: Yeah... because she's my mom.  I like the way her face is when she's mad.
My response:
I hope she likes it... She sees my mad face plenty!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but laugh!! Love that child. Gramma G

Arizona said...

so now when you are mad at her, you look at her, know at that very moment, she is in love w/ your face.

Anonymous said...

She is something! There is so much of her that reminds me of your little brother! One day she will carry a dead squirrel home from school to the shock of her big sister.
She does have her own unique sense of style. Wow!