Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School

 The Kid, starting Sixth Grade and yet to this mom, he looks like he's starting high school.

 Tink, starting First Grade.
Coco and friends, beginning their 2nd year of Pre-K.

 Coco and CT's baby cowboy.
 HUGE excited hug, between cousins!!

Coco and Joy.

(Tink and Owl, Best Cousins Forever)

To the surprise of many, I was not emotional at all. (Honestly, no sarcasm.)  While I still miss quiet days with my Tink, the other two crave the structure and constant stimulation of every day school.  They both really NEED to be around friends.  And this year, I was more than happy to give them what they want.  With the exception of the giant stack of paperwork, the first day of school was a completely happy and excited day, in this house.
Just for a little funny,
a text exchange between me and I Used to be a Hooker (who most definitely was NOT ever a hooker.)  She has children, in the same classes.
Hooker: Dude, I'm reading through school packets and starting to have a panic attack at all the sh!t we have to keep track of...
Me: I have a Jr High boy, who goes to school in one town and plays baseball for another... I'm gonna be a walking Zombie.
Me: I've been filling out permission slips, releases, emergency contacts papers for the last 30 mins and I still have several to go...
Hooker: How about all the ridiculous registration forms we already filled out at the end of the school year? If nothing changes, why can't they keep the previous year's book of info on file?
Me: Fact.  I have a 3 page questionnaire for Tink.  Asking details on who she really is, what is her Fav subject in school..etc.  I don't bleepin know!!  She's only in the First grade and she's my middle child!  I barely get the chance to speak to her, with the tornadoes of her attention sucking siblings swirling around her!!
Hooker: I did too!  I had to think long and hard about what Eme likes to do outside of school.  What does she LIKE to do or what do I TELL her to do?  She's just a kid!  She plays!  And the learning style question??  What the efff does that even mean...?
Me: I'm also so worn out with the emergency contact question.  My husband and I have 4 phone numbers between the two of us.  You'll never NOT reach one of us on those numbers unless we're in the middle of an apocalypse.
Hooker: If they need more than two contacts, we're out..
Me: What activities does your child like to do outside of school??  Well... I force Tink to attend Kids Yoga, piano lessons, dance and sports... but Tink 'likes' to sit on her corner of the couch, playing on her DS, while absentmindedly picking the skin off her lips....
Hooker: Similar answer here except Eme really likes to antagonize her brothers and watch TV...
Me: Any concerns for your child? My concern is, Tink's irrational fear of school bathrooms.
Hooker: I put my concern is that I'm going to miss Eme at home.
After dropping Coco off to school, I texted Hooker the following message...: Enjoy the daily drama of Coco, suckas!!  Me and Coach are headed out to lunch!!
Hooker's reply: Enjoy!! Best Day Eva. 


Anonymous said...

The Coco part made me laugh out loud. Used to be a Hooker will not be so happy next year when that adorable baby leaves home!

Coach said...

I love kids in school.

I used to be a Hooker said...

I'm not letting the baby go to school ever. He's going to be that guy still living with me when he's 40. Just us and some cats and piles of debris. We won't be able to answer the door when the Hoarders intervention team shows up, but we will be happy in the fact that I never let him go to school.