Saturday, November 9, 2013

One Huge Blow-out November Thank-fuLL Post!!

Rather than every day post my 30 days of November gratefulness, I am knocking this out in one giant post. (with the exception of the first two, these are in no particular order...)

1. Obviously, my babies.  How I created such beauty and character, is beyond me..
2. My Coach.
3. Having the ability to own a home.
4. My yoga sTudio!
5. Coach's successful business.
6. My sister-in-laws.  Whom are both my sisters and my best girl-friends.
(Ummm this is weird, my only recent picture of the sister in laws, was taken at the end of a Bachelorette Party and with the bartender... ignore the part of his face I wasn't able to cut out.)

7. Repeat all of the above sentiments and include my brother-in-laws (legal and not yet legal).
8. My amazing nieces and nephews who make me a very happy Aunt. (Including the newly turned 5 niece, Joy.  Happy Birthday!)

9. My Temper-pedic bed. For realz.
10. Reading anything by my fellow bloggers, especially because they are also my buddies.
11. Our Relay Dances.  And the many people who help make our dances so amazingly fun.  Including our DJ's and performers.
12. Our puppy. (that one just made Coach puke in his mouth a little bit...)
13. Our small town life.
14.  The ability to afford to travel away from our small town life.  And create amazing memories.

15.  Our children's health.  Their brilliant minds and capable bodies.  Which allow them to participate in all the activities filling our calender. 
16.  My in-laws.  I could not have hand-picked a better couple to call my second parents.
17.  Our family's only great-parent GG.  And her NINETY-SEVENTH birthday, which she celebrated this week.

18. Coco's Sweet Shop, for making my mother happy.  Though I do not thank Cupcake Saturdays or Dark-chocolate covered carmels sprinkled in sea salt. (or rather my jeans do not thank..)

19. My brother.  For setting a positive example to my children, for how hard the human spirit can and should fight for happiness.

20. Mass text-messages.  So often they are the most funny part of my day.

21. My Favorite Band.

22. My parents.  For giving me life. Pretty big deal.
23. The soft blankets Gramma made. (especially in November, when my hibernating kicks into high-gear.)
24. My children's sweet little friends, which are all taking a spot in my heart.

25. That two sets of parents chose me to be a god-mother.  I love the honor.
26. The amazingly funny people that surround me.  Our nights out laughing are my favorite.
27. New Orleans.  While I am not there now, it just helps to know it's still out there.  Waiting.  NOLA 2014, who's with me?!

28. I'm thankful my old-lady knee is feeling much better.  That was really starting to tick me off.
29. DVR. Seriously.  I am.
30.  Last, I am thankful because: while I normally have only like 4 white blood cells on a good day, Someone Up There has taken the time to watch over my health and provide me with the opportunity to enjoy everyone and everything numbered 1-29..

Now use the Comment section to give me at least 5 things you are thankful for.. and include some funny.  The Comment section is missing funny.


Munchkin said...

I'm thankful for liquor. For the Tuesdays (and Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fridays and Saturdays) that feel like Monday.

Anonymous said...

1. I am thankful for the opportunity to worship my God freely.

2. I am thankful for God sending to me a wonderful soulmate who is the most marvelous husband on this magnificent earth.

3. Also for the children that were created by this union. They are an awesome clan whom I am proud of, each and every one. I love that they are also friends as well as siblings. Including their spouses or significant others. The grandchildren given to us and all the other grandparents whom we share these children with. Our extended families are just as awesome.
4. For my parents, whom while living, taught me how to love and raise a large family who would love one another and reach out and help if need be.
5. For much much more.Especially TS for making me stop and think how greatful I am. And for the past few weeks being able to think about her misfortune during her run in with the law. It makes me laugh out loud every time I think of it. And I know she will not think less of me when I do. Thanks TS for putting a little laughter in my life.

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot to sign my name to above post. The Page Turner

Ok maybe not!

Tru Stories said...

I'm thinkin, that second Anonymous was Gramma... her Comment was beautifully written!! Except for maybe part of her #5... I'm going to ignore that.

Coach said...

I have never heard TS talk about my mother like she just did after reading the end of my Mom's comment. By the way, the robot identifier or whatever is "tworkin".

arizona said...

1.) for the B that stole my last boyfriend. if she hadn't who knows how long it would've been before i moved on and my husband may not have been available.
2.) being a mom, i never thought i wanted to, let alone, thought i'd love it.
3.) blogs... they get me thru the day
4.) hashtags #iloveannoyingppl
5.) walmart... for those days i'm feeling down about myself, it's always a pick me up. and the prices.. i mean really. #enoughsaid