Monday, November 18, 2013

Fairy Tales...

Over the weekend, Flag Girl and Chili D became engaged to be married!
In every great childhood Fairy Tale, the story line is essentially the same: the beautiful princess begins her story with a struggle... She is forced by life to start an adventure.  The Princess is thrown out into the elements.  She must over come a dragon, fight the evil step-mother, travel to a far away land and battle through tough elements.
Near the end of each fairy tale, the beautiful princess is either found by her Prince or realizes the man fighting the elements along side her: has been her Prince all along.
It is the long story, which makes the ending so much sweeter.
Congrats to the Princess and Prince,
for finding their fairy tale love in each other. 
Cheers to your Happily Ever After!


In addition, Doc and Clark are celebrating their Golden Anniversary today.  A couple so adorably matched.  Who support and believe in honoring the best in each other.  With two full decades of 'Good Times'.  May the rest of us, follow in your footsteps! You have created an amazing life together.

Congratulations to both beautiful sistas. 
They deserve all their happiness.


Page Turner said...

Congratulations to Doc & Clark. Something to be hugely proud of.
Flag Girl & Chili D may you live happily ever after. Congratulations!

The Mrs. said...

I am alternating between giddiness and this engagement news and RIGHTEOUS ANGER that I was not sent a text alert immediately after it went down. Finding out on a Monday is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Still, super duper happy for both of you!

And congrats to Doc and Clark too - here's the many more years of wedded bliss!

Munchkin said...

I don't believe you. I was once lied to about a Flag Girl/Chili D engagement. How do I know this is for realz?

Congrats Doc and Clark. I do believe you are actually married and it is your anniversary.

Tru Stories said...

It's totally a Tru Story. He proposed Friday evening in front of a romantic fire.

Flag Girl said...

He is Hands Down definitely "My Prince"

Flag Girl said...

Oh ya! Happy Anniversary to the Happily Ever After Couple!!

Munchkin said...

Ok, I'll buy it this time. Congrats!!!

you can call me al said...

Congratulations to both couples! Wishing you the best, today and always!