Thursday, October 11, 2012

1 Super Dad. Found.

As previously mentioned, Coach has been picking up the parenting slack, while I have been under the weather.  For example, helping get the girls ready for bed. Recently, during bedtime, I found Super Dad dutifully prepping the girls:
It is a school night.  You'll notice both girls are still in their clothes.  Despite the pink blankies pictured, they are tucked into our bed... not theirs.  Fairly unlikely their teeth are brushed... and take note of the way Super Dad snuggles the TV remote close.
Cute.  Lazy.  But cute.


The Page Turner said...

Super cute!

Coach said...

I am pretty sure I was pretending to sleep so they would fall asleep. Then it is easier to put on there pajamas and brush there teeth with no arguments.... I had a plan.

Flag Girl said...

I miss those days...cute

Anonymous said...

Made my Friday...great dad...-Worhol