Saturday, October 27, 2012


The Kid is really excelling at his new school.  He is joining clubs and organizations.  His first Junior High basketball game, is this week.  And this morning, he will compete in his first Speech Club contest.
He was in my room, talking a mile a minute about his excitement for the contest.  Just as he was about to leave, he said: Hey mom... were you in Speech Club when you were a kid??

Me: Yes.  For a few years in grade school and then for awhile as an adult.

The Kid (VERY smiley): Really?? You were??

Me: Yes.

The Kid (as he walked out the door): Awesome!! Mom, that's really cool!

Me (inside my head): Ummm... yeah.... it made me real real cool...


Unknown said...

Where we were from it was cool to be in the speech club!

Unknown said...

If I may take a moment to brag, he is third generation for being on a speech team.