Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy 22nd Birthday, One!!

If you could only believe in yourself, half as much as your large extended family... you would be unstoppable.  You are your mom's first baby.  The first grand-child. The first little nephew.  The first Jr Groomsmen.  The first to steal our hearts. 
And we all 'see' you.  We really see you.
We know you are capable.
A gifted salesman, a charming spirit, a quick snap of perfectly snapped sarcasm and a quiet soul.
Wake up tomorrow and plan an ADVENTURE! Love life. Love yourself. Take a trip.  Kiss a girl.  Get a passport and fly to Greece.  Read a new book.  Apply for a bunch of crazy jobs.  Register for a class. Make a new friend, worthy of your friendship. Smile at a stranger and just LIVE!
You're 22 kid... this only happens once.
There are no words to describe how much you are loved.
Happy Birthday!
(ohhh... and you're pretty cute too.)


Page Turner said...

I don't know much but I know you are more......
Make a plan. Remember you are more...
You have flare.
Have Tru Stories be your life Coach and help you make a plan.
Happy Birthday - Grammy

Anonymous said...

cutest #1 ever. Love his hugs and his loving ways. You will find that right girl someday and that magnificent job that you will love. Love you to pieces even at 22! Gramma G

Coach said...

Happy birthday!