Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Yesterday, we traveled out of town, to a school which caters solely to children with behavioral issues, children living within unfortunate circumstances or in foster care.  We arranged to do a brief demonstration on using yoga to calm negative thoughts and improve self esteem. Next, Coach cut two boys' hair.  Typically, all the boys are not afforded the opportunity to go to a professional Barber (because of money or because of the lack of attention).
Coach has been doing these cuts at another similar classroom environment, several times a year for the last couple years.  He goes on his Mondays off, when I am teaching yoga.  I have never witnessed first hand, the impact he has on these boys.
Coach began by showing the kids a few basketball tricks.  Drills they could do in their home, when they do not have access to their own hoop.  The boys immediately responded to Coach.  Loving the attention he paid to them.  After the first hair cut, I was near the back of the room and watched the boy sneak over to a mirror... He smiled so big but immediately tried to hide his smile, wanting to be too Jr High cool to show pure emotion.  Rather than be jealous, the other boys in class were genuinely happy for him. "You look so fancy! You look like a movie star!"
Coach did not receive parental permission to cut all the boys in class and it killed us, to leave the others scruffy.  I was so moved by the confidence and pure joy that a child can receive from a $14 haircut that so many other children take for granted.
The children loved Coach.  Asking him so many questions.  I wished The Kid could have been with us, to see the impact his father had in just a few short hours.  Many of the boys in that classroom, lack a positive male example in their lives. Coach has learned to be such an extraordinary and humble man from his own father.  Coach will hate that I used the Internet, to discuss his Monday. He would never want a Big Deal made out of something that was simply the right thing to do.

Long Story Short:
Today is our Wedding Anniversary.
And it continues to be confirmed that I made an amazing choice.
Coach's loving spirit, still makes me catch my breath and pause.
Happy Anniversary Coach-
choosing to take the path that led me to you, was the smartest decision of my life.


Anonymous said...

Coach is cut from a special mold, this world would be a better place with more people like him, I look up to him as my younger brother. Happy Anniversary, and many more.

Anonymous said...

I think you make a great team. You get the assist on this one to opening his eyes to that special school. Happy Anniversary!
The sun always shines on your special day! Celebrate with a baseball game! Grammy

Sweetbreads Bailey said...

Happy Anniversary!!