Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Dinner Table.

We're all calmly eating.  The table is quiet and full of food.  All of a sudden, Coco flings her body back into her chair.  She seems genuinely upset and flips both hands onto the back of her head. 
She loudly exclaims: When am I going to DIE??!
The Kid loses it: WHAT?!  WHAT did she say?!
(The Kid is drama.)
Me: Coco, why did you say that?  You're not going to die for a very very long time.
Coco is now bending over, rubbing her face.
Tink could care less, she continues to eat.
Coach: Coco, what's going on?
Coco: When am I going to DIE??!
The Kid: Why does she keep saying THAT? What's wrong with her?!
Me: Coco, why are you asking about dying?
Coco (super dramatically): Because my life is sooo boring!  This is all berry boring here.  When am I going to die from everything boring??
Me (eye rolling to Coach): Really??  She's already so bored, she could die??  I can't handle her.
Tink knowingly giggles and nods.

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arizona said...

i can totally picture the kid freaking out. i love it.