Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

Very appropriately blog nick-named Bondi Beach, for her sunshiney warm, inviting personality.  Our little blond middle cousin, is pure light. 
Bondi Beach, is bright in style... bright in intelligence... bright in sparkling smiles.  Her presence in any room, makes others instantly more happy.  She has a warm, gooey comforting center (from her mommy) which draws people to her.
Bondi is both quiet and enthusiastic.  Calming and exciting.  Soft-spoken and fabulously competitive.  She is a little mother and exceptional aunt, in training.  The little gang of mini-cousins, immediately flock to Bondi Beach.
We adore you Bondi. 
So happy we got the opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday, in person.  Too bad your brother's Purple couldn't gift you a win! (They were sooooo close!)
Have an amazing last year, before you are a big Junior High Girl!! But you'll always be that little Blondie princess with bangs, to me.