Monday, June 23, 2014

June, in Three Parts. #1 The House.

So our house was For Sale. And then it was not.
After a not long enough time period of looking at houses and having our house looked at... we decided to pull our house off the market.
I'm not 100% committed to that decision.
I have officially declared us The Bipolar Couple of Home Sales.
And yes, we are annoying even ourselves.
It kept feeling like the houses we were looking at needed work done, work that we have already done (and paid for) at our current home. It was always going to be hard to leave this location and our neighbors really stepped up their cute factor during the home viewing process. (which really hooked Coach back.)
The only way I agreed to stay, was with some MAJOR changes. To both the yard and the house. Most importantly we need to A.) seriously simplify the yard and B.) Put all three kids in separate bedrooms. Currently, Tink and Coco share a room. Tink is very much OVER sharing. Coco is very much NOT over sharing.
We already starting cutting down trees left and right. Digging up gardens. Tilling spots for new grass. All we discuss, every flipping day, is redesigning this house/yard. And talking about redesigning a home, into a dream home, is actually less fun then one would imagine.
It stresses me out. Normally, I am not a very stressful person. It may surprise people to know, I'm actually fairly laid back and mostly up for anything... but constantly discussing major home changes and/or purchases? Not fun for me. And if I'm not having fun... then Coach is not.. well... Coach is still have fun, because for Coach life is always fun... but it's maybe a little less fun than usual, when I am stressed.
And all of my stress, led Coach to book our #2 big event of June....

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